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Pole Rentals

GetVertical Pole Vault offers pole rentals in the greater Milwaukee area at competitive rates and flexible rental periods!  Key benefits of renting a pole are:

  • Poles of the same length and type may be swapped for no additional fee – exchange must be coordinated through GVPV.
  • There is only a slight upgrade charge for exchanging for poles of longer lengths.   (All exchanges are done on a first come first serve basis within the existing GVPV pole inventory.)

The fine print:

  • All renters assume responsibility of the equipment, and are responsible for the replacement cost of the pole if the pole is lost or broken.
  • Renter is responsible for pick-up and delivery of equipment, shipment is currently unavailable.
  • Pole rentals may be subject to a deposit to ensure proper care and return of the pole(s).

GetVertical Pole Vault club members are eligible for a 10% discount on rental fees.

If interested in a rental, you can make a reservation on-line below or contact us directly.

Pole  Rentals

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